I recently left a great job and moved to a new city after ten years. For any of you who have experienced a big move, you might agree that finding new employment without relying on a network can be challenging. I’m living in a much smaller city than where I came from, and I’m wondering if word of mouth plays a larger role in landing interviews. Therefore, I decided to start my own consulting business; but again, no network of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances means it’s an uphill battle. So in the meantime, as I continue to work hard to build my business, I have also been applying for other positions that match my criteria and qualifications. However, after only one interview in five months, I decided something wasn’t working and I needed to change my approach.

I did some research into how to write a resumé that stands out from the crowd, and learned about infographic resumés. Having recruited hundreds of employees over my career, I was intrigued by the speed in which I could gather the key information without poring over pages of text. In my own experience, anything to expedite the short-list process when there are dozens or even hundreds of applicants can be such a relief to overworked managers and recruiters. So, putting my design background to good use, I delved right into creating my own infographic resumé, as seen in the attached figure.

I believe the infographic resumé might be too unusual for traditional recruiters, so I have opted to include my traditional resumé in conjunction with the infographic version. It’s too early to say if this new look might set me apart from the rest, but the initial feedback I’ve had is positive. There are a number of different methods of styling the infographic, and plenty of samples available online for those wanting to try this new approach. It should be noted that I am not an expert in design, so there are plenty of much better examples to draw from.

I am interested to hear from other managers and employment recruiters out there to learn if you would be more inclined to look at an infographic resumé or if it would be too outside-of-the-box. What are your thoughts about including both resumé styles? Is there a place for the infographic in the recruiting process? Does it capture enough information to assess the candidate’s skills and experience level? Feel free to leave your comments.

Infographic Resume

Permissions: To use this Infographic Resume, please send a detailed email request to stating your desired use.

Melissa Ketler (BA, MAL) is an Organizational Leadership Consulting at Fox & Owl Consulting. For more information on creative solutions to organizational downsizing, or to work with Melissa on your downsizing initiative, please visit our website at or send an email directly to


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