The Problem With Annual Performance Reviews

Most organizations have them. The dreaded annual performance review. Employees get nervous, awaiting the one conversation that will sum up twelve months of their effort, hoping their manager remembers the good with the bad. Managers stress about having to find the time to write several reviews for their team. The copy and paste features will be their friend. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The issue for both parties is that most organizations are missing a mechanism to ensure regular touch points to both capture and share the results. By meeting monthly to complete a review, employees can relax, knowing that recent performance will not be missed in several months and the review will be accurate and complete. Managers can also relax, knowing that they are building the review throughout the year, rather than all at once at the end. The time commitment is less and the review is more thorough and accurate.

Does your team have a monthly review system, or will you be using “copy & paste” this January?

Annual Performance Reviews

David has been an organizational leader for over 30 years in various industries, leading teams as large as 300 people. He is currently completing a Master’s degree in Leadership.

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