The 3 Rights Philosophy

When I first entered contact centre management 15 years ago, I learned about something called the 3 rights philosophy of leading a team. It is quite simple, but a good reminder of the role of a team leader.

It goes like this:

Every team member has the right to 3 things…

  1. The right to understand the expectations and targets for their role.

  2. The right to know how they are performing in relation to these goals.

  3. The right to access support and coaching to attain these goals.

Every time someone is struggling, I ask myself if all three of these items are in place. My experience has been that many times, when an individual’s performance is falling short, one of these 3 points is missing. I have found that the most common misses are in points 2 and 3.

Most organizations and leaders are good at letting individuals know what the targets and expectations are, but often fall short at regularly letting them know how they are doing. Do you meet with your team members weekly or monthly to review performance? This is more common if the role is target based like a sales environment, but what if no clear numerical targets exist? Are you letting your team know how they are meeting your expectations on a regular basis?

The third point is often missed when the leader simply doesn’t know how to coach effectively. They will point out the gap and inform the team member that they must improve their results from 10% to 15%, without clearly identifying the root cause of the gap, or explaining steps to improve. Most employees want to do well, so simply pointing out the gap is not enough. Effective coaching identifies the root cause behavior that is causing the gap and offers steps to improve, through a productive discussion with the team member. Organizations that invest in training their leaders how to effectively coach, are ahead of the game.

So next time you have a team member, or a team, that is missing the mark…ask yourself if they have received their 3 rights.

David has been an organizational leader for over 30 years in various industries, leading team as large as 300 people. He is currently completing a Master’s degree in Leadership.

3 Rights Philosophy

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