Fox & Owl Rates for Services

We offer hourly, daily, monthly, and project-based pricing that can be adjusted to fit any organizational budget. The following rates are a base guideline and may be subject to negotiation.

Additional Information:

  1. Rates subject to change without notice.

  2. Our base rates may not apply if client requests non-standard services.

  3. The rates listed are for work that does not require travel to the client’s site. Cost-savings can be achieved by doing the work using telephone, e-mail, video conference, etc.

  4. All travel costs will be billed separately. For travel to the client organization, the following conditions apply:

    • Consultant will book reasonable travel, and bill the client organization cost plus 10%

    • Consultant will be responsible for booking lodging, meals, and local transportation expenses and bill the client cost plus 10%

    • Clients will be billed for the consultant’s travel to and from hotel location and project site at the consultant respective rate

    • If applicable, use of personal vehicle will be billed for reimbursement on a 50 cents per kilometre basis

  5. Additional expenses that may be required (ie: specialty insurance, materials, printing, non-standard, client-required hardware or software, licenses, or parking fees) will be billed on an actual cost basis.

  6. For project-based pricing, please contact us to discuss your project requirements and timeline for delivery.

  7. If you are a non-profit organization, or have other financial constraints, please call us to discuss pricing options. We may be able to reduce our rates based on adjustments to our services.