Many organizations promote employees into leadership positions, without having the time and resources to provide training to support these new leaders in understanding how to be an effective leader.  Don't worry!  Fox & Owl Consulting is highly experienced in giving leadership development training - either one on one or to leadership teams.  Our team has proven successful in the training of new, emerging, or experienced leaders to give them the confidence they need to succeed. Here are some subject areas that our consultants are trained in:​

  • Values-Based Leadership

  • Essential Communication

  • Building Teams

  • Leading Diverse Teams

  • Employee Engagement

  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making

  • Exceptional Customer Service Delivery (ie: Contact Centres)

  • Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback (Crucial Conversations)

  • The Art of Delegation

  • Employee Coaching

  • Time Management / Prioritization

  • Employee Conflict Resolution

  • Leading Effective Meetings

We offer both customized training and individual coaching services to fit with your company's requirements. We have outlined some leadership topics to help guide you in selecting the skill development areas that may be most valuable to your employees.


These are new leaders looking to learn how to move into a supervisory role with the skills to transition their thinking from the perspective of individual responsibility to the perspective of team responsibility.

Level I Topics:

Transitioning to team leadership

  • Personal leadership; understanding yourself, your values, and your style

  • Shift from self-performance to team performance

  • Creating effective employee/manager relationships

  • Analyze and communicate team objectives (KPIs)

Team-building and team dynamics

  • Relationship-building and developing trust

  • Moving teams towards effective communication

  • Building a collaborative workforce

  • The art of accountability and shared responsibility

Decision-making techniques

  • Evidence-based decision-making

  • Solution-oriented thinking vs. problem-oriented thinking)

  • Shared decision-making

  • Incorporating values into decisions

  • Decision-making models

The art of delegation

  • How delegation can benefit employees

  • How to delegate work in a respectful way

  • How to know who to delegate to

  • When delegation can go wrong and what to do about it

Time management and prioritization

  • Organization techniques

  • Creating good habits

  • When to adjust your priorities

  • What to do when your workload gets to be too much (work/life balance)

Crucial conversations/ delivering feedback

  • The importance of delivering feedback

  • Transparency and authenticity in feedback

  • Using appropriate language

  • Inquiry-based conversations

  • How to establish goals/ commitment

  • What to do if the conversation doesn't go as expected


These are emerging leaders who need a little extra support in tackling some day to day leadership challenges. 

Level II Topics:

Coaching for engagement

  • Using the 80/20 rule

  • Understanding the coaching objective

  • The three rights of every employee

  • Establishing employee goals

Psychology of followership versus leadership

  • Leading self in order to lead others

  • How to be a good follower and an effective leader

  • Modeling the way

Leading effective meetings and facilitation techniques

  • Preparing and planning a meeting

  • Capturing meeting information

  • Keeping participants engaged

  • Encouraging employee participation

  • Follow-up

Employee engagement and building team cultures

  • Leading through organizational values

  • Relationship-building and trust

  • Responding to employee mistakes

  • Employee rewards and recognition

Leading a diverse workforce

  • Leading across generations

  • Leading a multi-cultural workforce

  • Cross-functional team leadership

Crucial conversations/ delivering effective feedback

  • The importance of delivering feedback

  • Transparency and authenticity in feedback

  • Using appropriate language

  • Inquiry-based conversations

  • Establishing goals/ commitment

  • What to do if the conversation doesn't go as expected


These are experienced leaders who are looking for some additional skills to bring their leadership to the highest level of expertise. 

Level III Topics:

Leading through values

  • Values-based leadership decisions

  • Recruiting with values in mind

  • Understanding self: identifying strengths and blind spots

Business needs vs. Team needs

  • Thinking outside the box

  • Communication methods

  • The benefits of collaboration

  • Creating buy-in

Establishing vision

  • Storytelling techniques

  • Establishing the strategy

  • Building commitment

Mobilizing knowledge

  • Leveraging support

  • Building partnerships and networks

  • Establishing a commitment to customers/service 

Incorporating a systems approach

  • Encouraging innovation

  • Knowing boundaries

  • Potential for unintended consequences

  • Inclusion of stakeholders

Succession planning

  • Short-term replacement planning

  • Talent identification (skills, knowledge, ability)

  • Learning & development

  • Mentorship

  • Knowledge sharing initiatives

Navigating socio-political environments

  • Determining influential positions/people

  • Incorporating “inquiry” into your dialogue

  • Govern your own behavior

  • Building relationships

  • Adapting communication for the setting

  • Finding common ground

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